A “news desert” is the lack of daily and local coverage of an area.

This is a case study on the strengths and weeknesses of Adams Publishing Group, in relation to operating in a modern News Desert Environment.
A “news desert” is the lack of daily and local coverage of an area. This needs to identify 3 strengths and 3 weeknesses of Adams Publishing.
Here is a link to Adams publishing:
The outline of the assignment is below:
“Here is your final assignment to be completed by September 30:

Read case studies a group addressing the problem of news deserts. From the following perspectives address three strengths and three weaknesses of the company, including sourcing/citing research that supports your findings: Community, ownership, technology.
Your project will be Adams Publishing. Here’s a short summary to get you started: “APG journalists brought both of those issues and many other world and national stories home with local context and perspective. Our jobs were much bigger than two behemoth issues that hundreds of journalists worldwide were covering, however. Our focus was on Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and Boise, Idaho, and Athens, Ohio, and the hundreds of other places where APG journalists keep watch, tell compelling stories and help our communities navigate what’s going on closer to home.”
Initial research should be completed prior to arrival on campus. Students will be given some time to work on the project during the weekend, including listening to some speakers who may provide insight into the individual work or the challenges.
Final assignments will be presented via Canvas as a paper, no more than five pages in length, that addresses strengths and weaknesses of the operating model. You should have no fewer than 5-8 sources cited in your research.
The main focus of the research and presentation should be on how the creation of news deserts has created both opportunity and challenges for the ownership group, how they are meeting and addressing these challenges, and what successes or creative solutions have arisen, as well as unintentional or unhelpful outcomes.
Grades will be issued based upon the thoroughness (and proper use of APA style) of the research and presentation of the findings as well as the strength of the presentation.