For this assignment, you are going to compose two emails, aimed at different aud

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For this assignment, you are going to compose two emails, aimed at different audiences with slightly different purposes. Therefore, while they share the characteristics of business correspondence (formal salutations, closings, and correct positions), the tone and content may differ. Draw on our discussions in class about effective email composition and consult the relevant readings as you complete this assignment. Make sure to publish both emails. Message 1: A team of employees who report to you are overdue with a report. They have been working on a market analysis for over a week. You need to incorporate their analysis into a presentation you are delivering early next week. That presentation will be delivered to your supervisor, Dale Snitterman. The team initially promised you the report by Wednesday evening. It is Thursday morning. The team lead, Michelle Schwartz, contacted you on Wednesday afternoon to promise that it would be ready “soon.” She is leading a team with three other members: Daley Swarna, Shaye Ifiok, and Jake Veasna. publish an email asking for the report. Message 2: Your company made a proofing error in the final copy for a design, and the client is frustrated. You work for a small design and marketing company, Shineheart Global, and you recently completed work for a client, designing the packaging and product overview/one-sheet for a new product line. There are two typos in the packaging design you produced. Neither of them fundamentally changes the meaning or confuses the central message or selling appeal, but they are clear to a careful reader. The client, Jennifer Hightower, contacted you and informed you of the error. The client is irritated and has requested a refund. Based on company policy, you cannot offer a full refund but can offer half of the design fee back since there were errors that should have been caught in the review process. publish an email apologizing to the client for the error and informing her of the resolution. For both email messages, keep in mind the following: Professionalism: Make sure you are using the proper names and positions in your correspondence. Ensure that your tone is appropriate. Use CC, BCC and FWD options wisely and only if needed. Use proper email etiquette Clarity: Your emails should clearly state what you are communicating, e.g. what you need, what you are apologizing for, etc) and should omit extraneous information Concision: Your email should convey the message quickly and effectively while still including proper formatting and salutations/closings When you have published both messages, walk away and give yourself a break of at least 5 minutes (ideally at least an hour). Then, return to read the messages aloud in order to check for spelling, grammar, or other mechanical issues. Save both emails in a single document (PDF or word doc) and upload to Blackboard by the due date.

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