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Interpretive Commentary: Title Page and Bibliography AssignmentInterpretive comm

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Interpretive Commentary: Title Page and Bibliography AssignmentInterpretive commentary title page and bibliography of assignment
The Interpretive Commentary Assignment provides an opportunity to write your own commentary on a book of the Old Testament. This is essentially an interpretive paper that engages directly with the biblical text so that you may observe, interpret, and apply the text through an inductive means. This endeavor involves research into the interpretive issues that surround the historical, literary, and theological elements of Scripture. Due to the necessity of research, early engagement is advantageous. To facilitate this, students are required to submit a preliminary title page and bibliography well in advance of the final assignment completion.
Following current Turabian format, students should submit their title page and bibliography for the Interpretive Commentary Assignment on 2 Kings 17 – 20. At least five (5) sources are necessary for the bibliography, although more are preferred (they must all be relevant). Recommended source material includes academic commentaries (those published within the past 40 years are preferred), relevant journal articles, and academic monographs. Avoid popular source material and internet-based resource information (not to be confused with internet search engines or electronic platforms that house published material). Also avoid peripheral sources (this often is the case with journal articles).
Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.
Preferably Use protestant or Judeo Christian sources

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