*Please use the recommendations from the Assessment 2 attachment to complete thi

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*Please use the recommendations from the Assessment 2 attachment to complete this… Create an outline for the recommendation report that includes an introduction, descriiptions of criteria that align with risks and benefits, a conclusion, and references to sources that will be used in the report.
In technical writing, a recommendation report is a form of persuasive writing that provides a solution to a problem. The problem can be a true problem, or it can be an opportunity for change or improve a current process. Of course, most problems have more than one solution. This means that part of recommendation writing is helping the audience make the best choice. In this assessment, you will complete an outline for a recommendation report in preparation for Assessment 5. This outline provides an opportunity to get early feedback from your faculty on the direction of your report. In a workplace setting, you can use an outline to review your ideas with your manager, colleagues, and other team members.
Note: Complete this assessment before moving on to Assessment 5.
Review the Outline for Recommendation Report Template [DOCX] to help guide your thoughts and how to structure your outline. Remember to use the General Education Information Research Skills Library Guide to help your research.
Your outline should address the points below and be supported with scholarly references and other credible resources.
Step 1: Develop an introduction.
Identify the purpose and audience.
Discuss any resistance you anticipate from your audience about the recommendations.
Explain the outcomes you’re looking for after the report is delivered.
Include a transition to the body of the report.
Step 2: Describe 3–4 criteria that align with the risks and benefits.
Explain how each criterion helps you to analyze the risks and benefits against the recommendation.
Rank the criteria in order of importance.
Explain how you selected the rankings.
Provide a recommendation based on the criteria.
Step 3: Develop a conclusion.
Craft a succinct conclusion that recaps the recommendations, reiterate the risk-benefit analysis, and the anticipated outcomes.
Step 4: List references used and cited in the outline.
In business and professional writing, APA format and style are not required but for the purpose of the course assessments, you may follow current APA style.
Additional Requirements
Your assessment should also meet the following requirements:
Written communication: Written communication should be free of errors that detract from the overall message.
Formatting: You may use the Outline for Recommendation Report Template [DOCX] if desired. If you choose to use your own outline style, keep in mind that your outline needs to contain the sections or content listed in the instructions above.
Citations: As you complete research, it is important to cite your sources so that you can provide the original author with credit for their work. There are different citation formats. As you move forward, you will use APA in your coursework. You do not need to use APA formatting in this course, but it is important to learn the intent of it so you have the necessary foundation. For this assessment:
Provide the author’s last name and the year of the publication in the body of the report. If there is a direct quote, use quotation marks and provide the page number, too.
Provide a separate reference page that includes a list of the research you used for the assessment.

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