Step 1: Complete reading the ‘Buddhism for Healthcare Professionals (Links to an

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Step 1: Complete reading the ‘Buddhism for Healthcare Professionals (Links to an external site.)’ module.
Step 2: Buddhism Discussion Board Post
Initial posts for every discussion board topic are expected to engage with the textbook for this course, World Religions for Healthcare Professionals. (Links to an external site.)
This book should be cited in every discussion board post. Citations of the e-learning modules are appropriate, too, and they should be cited in one of the various ‘website’ formats from whichever citation style you prefer (APA, MLA, etc.).
Your initial post should be 500 words minimum and there is no word maximum. A works cited page and appropriate quotations are a requirement for every initial post, but they are not necessary for peer replies.
Buddhism Discussion Board Narrative
A thirty-year-old female presented to the emergency department with intense leg pain after she slipped down a flight of stairs. The patient had no prior health history, lived alone, and identified as Buddhist on her intake form. Upon admission, the patient tearfully expressed to the nurse that, on a scale of one-ten, her level of pain was a ten. The nurse conveyed this to the physician who suspected that she had a fractured femur after initial examination. The doctor placed orders for pain medication as well as X-rays.
When the patient heard this plan, she responded: “I will not take any Western drugs.” The doctor asked the patient what she meant by her comment and she clarified that her tradition “did not permit any form of intoxication,” even if Westerners call it “medicine.”
Questions for Reflection:
How might the provider solicit more information about the patient’s reservations regarding medication and its potential psychoactive side effects?
What spiritual and non-pharmacological practices do some Buddhists utilize to navigate pain?
How could the provider and interdisciplinary team address the patient’s pain?
Two weeks later, this provider cares for another Buddhist patient who is very willing to take pain medication for a similar injury. How do you make sense of this?
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