Human Resource Management

Step 1: Students, read articles and answer questions below. (Answer all componen

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Step 1: Students, read articles and answer questions below. (Answer all components of each question or you will receive a zero.)
1) Did you read the articles posted in this assignment slot? Did you find these articles helpful? Would
you like to see different articles (or more articles) about this topic? Go to SHRM and find an article
related to this topic area then post a link to the article as well as attached a PDF copy of your article in
the “Comment” box on this assignment. Tell me one thing you learned, from these articles or the article
you found, that you did not know before. Any SHRM article related to policies or documentation is fine.
(Articles posted to read are attached. How to develop an employee handbook, how to develop and implement a new company policy, what should we consider when amending company policies, policy priorities- brochure”
**SHRM PDF selected by student is attached and the document named as “Question 1- SHRM document. DOCUMENTATION”
2) Look at your employee handbook and attach a copy in the comment box. Was your employee
handbook easy or difficult to locate? If your organization does not have an employee handbook, what
should you do?
** Employee Handbook attached and names as “Employee Handbook” Employee handbook was easy to locate.
3) What is missing from your employee handbook that you would like to see added (or should be
included but is missing)? Look at SHRM’s example outline in “How to Develop an Employee
Handbook” then provide the associate number and letter from this article. For example, if you employee
handbook is missing a mission statement then include (1a) after your sentence.
*“Employee Handbook and How to Develop an Employee Handbook” are attached in files*
4) Throughout this semester, you will need to acknowledge my/the University’s policies by completing various
assignments that list policies. Why do you think I do this? Does your company have you sign documents
acknowledging rules and regulations? Should they if they do not already? Then, provide me the number
and letter for “Acknowledgment of Receipt” on the “How to Develop an Employee Handbook” article.
*“How to Develop an Employee Handbook” attached in files*
5) Tell me a specific rule or policy you think your current company (or a previous employer if not
currently working) should implement or enforce? Next, list the five steps in “How to Develop and
Implement a New Company Policy” (you do not need to provide an APA citation if you list them
exactly as written in the article because I already know where they came from.)
*“How to Develop and Implement a New Company Policy” attached in files.*
Very important reminders for assignment…
1) Write in complete sentences. Proofread your answers to ensure they are grammatically correct.
Answers must be in complete sentences. (A point will be deducted for all incomplete sentences.)
An imperative skill to have as a manager is persuasive communication. Create a compelling narrative
when answering questions but keep your answer concise.
2) Write in your own words (do not plagiarize). If you do include a quote, from one of the articles that
was posted in this assignment slot or another source, you must indicate where you gathered this
supporting evidence. If your answer has information from any source other than your own thoughts and
experience, it must include in-text citations consistent with the American Psychological Association
(APA) formatting style guidelines or you will receive a zero. Your paper will automatically receive a
zero if it has an answer that is copied from a source without an in-text citation(s) or with an exact
quote that is missing quotation marks and a page or para number (do not use page and para
number…. See APA Guide). If you fail to properly cite, you will also be sent a document to sign
for violating the “Academic Honor Code” as well as referred to the Office for
Student Conduct. Note: If you use more than three words in a row from any source those three
words must be in quotation marks. Please see my APA Guide for more information should you
choose to include any quotes.
4) Do not just cut and paste your answers. You are supposed to think about the information you read
and apply it to your job. Inherently, I should not really see any citations for this assignment because you
are thinking about what this information means to your specific employment experiences. Your paper
must be posted to on Canvas before it will be graded.
5) No websites (other than SHRM) may be used for this activity.
6) Please number each answer separately on your word document. Your numbering should match
my question numbers as well as be in chronological order. Please put a space between each answer to
make it easier for me to grade.
7) Use Times New Roman size 12 font. Double space your answers. Additionally, your Word
document should be formatted so it has 1-inch margins.

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