The analysis of Google’s business strategyThis assignment is a major assignment

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The analysis of Google’s business strategyThis assignment is a major assignment where the focus is on the practical application of the theoreticalconcepts of strategic management with the intent to present to executive management an insightful,validated and comprehensive view on the current and future strategy of an organisation.1.Strategy Formulation alternatives as “to be” future positions for the firm:Advance Business Model detail descriiptions reflecting and clearly indicating new innovationsand required adjustments to elements of business model: An extended business model canvasand a detail descriiption. The elements as in Fig. 3.9 (page 126) of the textbook should be described in detail and summarised into a one-page diagram. • A systemic view on the core business aspect and future growth engine motivating and arguingthe re-in forcing variables and the competitive advantage and robustness of their strategy.2.Strategy execution:• Develop a multi-horizons strategy execution plan reflecting key strategic initiatives and expected outcomes to make the Google’s future a reality over time.• Show how main barriers can be overcome in the execution of new innovative ideas.2.1Develop a summary “one page view” on the strategy (this needs to fully align with the strategic choices motivated in the rest of the assignment) by answering the following questions based on the work of Rogers Martin on Playing to Win:•What is our winning aspiration?•Where will we play?•How will we win?•What capabilities must we have?•What management systems are required?This assignment should be presented in a detailed (preferable) PowerPoint slide deck should be about 20 slides max, containing all the detail and main arguments and frameworks. Remember each part needs to have a very clear interpretation based on a facts-based analysis. A clear synthesis of each part need to create an integrated storyline that leads to logical conclusions. The aesthetic aspects and attractiveness of the way the storyline is presented is an important part to get the attention of key decision makers. Please see the rubric in the next page and examples of how other students did this work Attached/uploaded), please note that a textbook will also be uploaded to assist with the work.Please focus only of the scope on this document I have done the other topics.

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